The benefits of partnering with Bright Mountain Media

Unlike other revenue partners, we are publishers too!  We know what it takes to create engaging content and grow and maintain an audience.  That’s why we have developed custom video ad units for our partners and even share their content to our millions of social media followers.

We offer the latest in advertising technology

Banners have evolved.  Have you?  The science behind banner advertising has creating more engaging formats including rich media, expanding and adhesive banners, and advanced targeting/retargeting.  With engagement comes higher CTRs and a greater impact for the advertiser.  Simply put, the better it works, the more they are willing to pay.  Find out how our banner technology can improve your CPMs.

Video shares a message and creates a response better than any other ad format. It’s not just pre-roll anymore. Outstream and in-banner video are great ways to add and enhance your inventory and increase CPMs for your pages.

A cause of CPM erosion for publishers is due to banner blindness. The single largest trend to combat this is native advertising. Already as large as traditional display advertising, native advertising is expected to grab 75% of the digital ad spend in the next 5 years. Are you using native advertising effectively?

Interstitial ads are a high impact way to engage your audience with advertisement, but must be done carefully in order to avoid annoyance and increasing bounce rates. Technologies like delayed interstitials, video, swiped and others allow you to gain new premium inventory without sacrificing the reader experience..

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