Boca Raton, FL- Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (BMTM) kicks off the 3rd quarter with another major acquisition. In it’s 11th acquisition and the biggest in the online military space, the company has purchased the website Popular Military. “The military is a big focus for us and this is another step to making us a player with this audience.” says Kip Speyer, President of Bright Mountain Media, Inc. With the purchase of Popular Military, Bright Mountain Media, Inc. now owns 14 websites; all of which target people in Military and Public Safety.

Popular Military is a news site dedicated to providing the best and most interesting stories from the Military. One of the things that attracted Bright Mountain to the site more than anything is the brand and audience it’s created through Facebook and other Social Media sites. “Popular Military is one of the fastest growing and most engaged audiences of Military members on Facebook and we’re hoping to only improve upon that,” says Maureen Rowland, Director of Marketing and Communication at Bright Mountain Media, Inc. “Popular Military’s Facebook page will also be a great way to market and grow our other sites that target the military.”

Bright Mountain Media, Inc. plans to expand what Popular Military offers to include more original content, discounts, insurance and other products. It will become the flagship military site for Bright Mountain Media, Inc. In addition to Popular Military, Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (BMTM) also recently purchased “Welcome Home Blog,” which is the biggest site for videos featuring Military homecomings. The company also owns Bootcamp4Me, Coast Guard News and War Documentary Films in the online space that targets the military. The company plans to grow and purchase more sites in this area as the year continues.

This year has been a big year for acquisitions and growth for Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (BMTM). It’s original site, The Bright, continues to increase traffic at a steady pace and now offers a premiere email service that has top of the line security features you can’t find anywhere else. Bright Mountain Media, Inc. has also completed 5 other large acquisitions in the first 2 quarters, all of which are a part of a strategic plan to build it’s online audience of military members, law enforcement and firefighters. Not only does the company provide news, information and services to these groups, they also give back to the charities that support them.